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Stuff to pack for OR and other up to date news

We're going to try and deliver you more up to date stuff, more often, as the show nears (Next Thur-Sun).  More short bytes as they happen and blow by blow at the big trade show in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Bring hats, gloves, socks, boots, toothbrush yadda yadda you know what to bring.  Boots and skis and poles… there's 6 ft. base at Snowbasin, more up Little Cottonwood.  Transceiver, fresh batteries, if you're backcountry bound.  Goggles and shades. 

Bring an old plastic coffee mug and exchange for a new one at Stanley (#15011, next to Superfeet, Chaco and Cascade Designs).  C2C-ish, we like it.

Here's something cool if you have some old ski gloves to recycle (polyester knit) and you can put 'em in your ski bag on your way to SLC (actually don't have to bring 'em you can mail 'em off)

Project OR design competition updates

Linkup party with Nuwa, Fabriclink, and Texbase

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