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Ken Burns interview from WM09 about ‘The National Parks; America’s Best Idea’

If you came to the Industry Breakfast (hosted by OIA) at the winter show,  then you heard Ken Burns speak eloquently about his latest film project, 6 years in the making: ‘The National Parks; America’s Best Idea’.  This national PBS special will run for nearly two months starting this September 2009, and will inspire millions of viewers to take advantage of a uniquely American resource that their taxpayer money already pays for; access to wild lands and protected natural treasures.  OIA has even made available to retailers a resource called a ‘Retail Tool Kit’ that shows you how to capitalize on the PBS special airing this Fall.

OR Exclusive! Listen to a post-presentation interview with James Mills and Ken Burns here:

Be sure your salespeople watch it and talk about it, and wrap your local programs and advertising around it… especially if you are reaching out to new audiences in your region this summer.  As we say on the Left coast, ‘gotta surf when the waves are up’.

This is a wave you can see coming a mile (and a few seasons) away.  Take full advantage of it!


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