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Tsunami help

As an island nation Japan has designed brilliantly over many centuries to handle both earthquakes and tsunamis, but this latest event, unmatched in recorded history, tops any of the computer model scenarios that could be anticipated even today.  Predictions have been ongoing for a west coast U.S. monster quake for over a decade, so Be Prepared fellow Californians…

Like New Zealand, the 'ring of fire' island nations are most susceptible to this 'one-two punch' of Quake into Tsunami.   No side of the islands are safe, really…… check out this 'max energy' wave power map of NZ. 


All we can do at this point is help electronically to put something in play right away… pick your favorite and be generous.  They need our help.  Take Ichiro's lead and put something forward. 

Here are some vetted options beyond Red Cross (not a terrible option) from our friend Felicia.  On this blog, written by an American aid worker in Japan, there are many orgs listed that already have operations on the ground in Japan.  Check it out if interested

Spread the word and keep the support rolling… as First Responders all know, the initial shock masks the full effect of having your home and life torn away suddenly.  As that shock wears off and the hard work remains, support is the crucial ingredient that can make a huge difference in outcomes for individuals. 

MASSIVE thanks to all the brands reaching out with gear and support for victims of the Quake and Tsunami in Japan.




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