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‘Granite Frontiers’ sign of our maturing industry

Last night I had the pleasure of visiting an art opening, of sorts… not with edgy paintings or strange sculpture installations (like the ones that are the rage in my old East Culver City neighborhood) but one that featured climbing videos from the '30's, hand-written letters and quotes from legendary figures of Yosemite climbing, some of Yvon's personal gear, and interactive displays of how camming devices and pitons worked (fun for the kids).  This was the opening of the new 'Granite Frontiers' exhibit at the Autry, running from June 12 thru October 4, signalling a coming of age for the once 'daredevil' … Read more ›

Lessons from the Fishing market and the ‘Jim Range effect’

Lessons from the Fishing market and the 'Jim Range effect'

I just spent the past week in D.C. on an interesting mission; to advocate for the trade at OIA's Capitol Summit, and then a few days later to do the same for AFFTA, the Fly Fishing industry's trade association; their lobbying event was called the 'Jim Range National Casting Call'.  The OIA event was clearly organized at a high level, and put the industry agenda in front of some of the most important lawmakers in the Obama administration, including a face-to-face with former Colorado senator Ken Salazar, the new Dept. Of Interior Secretary and a key friend of … Read more ›

Ken Burns interview from WM09 about ‘The National Parks; America’s Best Idea’

If you came to the Industry Breakfast (hosted by OIA) at the winter show,  then you heard Ken Burns speak eloquently about his latest film project, 6 years in the making: ‘The National Parks; America’s Best Idea’.  This national PBS special will run for nearly two months starting this September 2009, and will inspire millions of viewers to take advantage of a uniquely American resource that their taxpayer money already pays for; access to wild lands and protected natural treasures.  OIA has even made available to retailers a resource called a ‘Retail Tool Kit’ that shows you … Read more ›

Return to Beijing for ISPO China

My second time to Beijing in so many years felt more familiar than was reasonable… I was in a new role this time (presenter), spent an unplanned night in SF, and had an unusually rough patch getting into country this time.  In customs check, they actually took out my books, asked me about them, and gave them quite the gander before letting me through ('Sex, Time and Power and The Kite Runner, if you must know).  By far the most 'communist' treatment I've personally had, but it was subtle, even friendly, like he really just wanted to know what a … Read more ›