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The GoPro Bomb Squad – Live From OR


Four friends, Neil Amonson, Marshall Miller, Jesse Hall, and JT Holmes (not interviewed), are the official flight team for GoPro. Professional athletes with their eyes towards the sky. Leading the way in progressive social media, this four-man wing suit team are ultra-intelligent guys who jump out of helicopters and fly to earth.

Since 2008, they have made a living from using GoPro cameras to capture their stomach-dropping jumps and stunts, free-falling from thousands of feet above the ground – what they consider sheer bliss.

“We would be daydreaming about this if we weren’t doing it and there’s something that … Read more ›

Just another outdoorsy picture…

Just another outdoorsy picture...
ChadJukes Grand sept 11 12
Chad on the Grand by TO

This is one of those images (taken by Timmy O’Neill) worth a thousand words; something resonates about this image overlooking the Jackson ‘Hole’, taken from the summit of the Grand, Sept. 11, 2012. It’s Chad Jukes, friend of the Outdoor Industry, Paradox Sports and the world. He’s apparently hindered somehow by being a lower leg amputee, but I don’t see much evidence of that here.  Doesn’t affect his trumpeting either, I can attest. But it does deepen the meaning and resonance of the image for outdoor professionals and for Americans that he lost … Read more ›

Summer 12 coverage

Some interesting links following the Summer Market 2012 show in SLC. The best attended and largest OR show to date. This will be updated and enlarged as more content flows from the industry…


SNEWS take on the political tussle over public lands and the implication for OR

Gear Junkie 'Gear of the Show' awards – there was no shortage of truly innovative products at Summer OR.

AUG 9 UPDATE – This interesting article is well written, however our current contractwith SLC is through 2014 (not 2013 as is stated twice in the article).

Live … Read more ›

It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

First, thanks to all for the valuable feedback on our decision to push serving time back from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the show. I just got back from Friedrichshafen (The OutDoor Europe show), in the heart of the German countryside on Lake Constanz.  In this legendary country of brewing and imbibing, where young children are practically nursed on Hefeweizen or Spaten Boch, you would never guess what their industry show serving time is… yup, 5 p.m.  Wouldn’t kid you.
Business Happy Hour

This is a topic that we have received more and more feedback on as the show has seen the … Read more ›

UPDATED Friday 13th; Quick Links for WM12

In case the navigation on our site isn’t as intuitive for you as we’d like, this blog will serve as an FAQ link lineup for those planning their OR Winter 12 experience and those who just want to know all that is happening in SLC in the outdoor biz the week of Jan. 16 (also MLK Holiday!).  BTW for you way-ahead planners, next year (2013) MLK bumps to Jan. 21, and our show continues to stage just afterwards Jan. 23 (AMDemo) thru 27.

More future dates (and show hours)

Registration (badges/credentials to attend)

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Yvon throws the Gauntlet

Yvon throws the Gauntlet

Last year about this time, I attended the Textile Exchange annual symposium in NYC, where Yvon Chouinard keynoted the event with a bold proclamation… he would market Patagonia products going forward with a new message: 'DON"T BUY THIS UNLESS YOU REALLY NEED IT'.  Well he has made good on his word… this ad (running in the NY TIMES) is the latest environmental gauntlet thrown to raise the bar across the industry.


At the TE event in 2010, Yvon also made a few key observations on his 'Most Reluctant Businessman In The World' quest… (does he drink Dos Equis?) one that … Read more ›

Burton, Billabong and the rise of ‘action sports’ at OR

Burton, Billabong and the rise of 'action sports' at OR


This is a topic that could use some airing out, and the time is right with the recent announcement that Burton has joined the show with a sizeable presence.  There seems to be a prevailing impression that OR has  been the windfall recipient of dozens of brands whom, when ASR went dormant, suddenly found themselves with nothing to do in January and August and in need of a trade show to spend their lonely marketing dollars.   Absurd?  The launch of a new fashion show in L.A. (Santa Monica) that parallels the Agenda format indicates more than one person thinks there is a void to … Read more ›

UPDATED Aftermath Summer OR 2011 & Review Link lineup

How about just a stream of consciousness phrase-fest of bytes I heard while in SLC this past week?  That's about all my addled brain can put forth at the moment, and I'll follow with links that can tell the story more in-depth.  Guess I'm still in 'space-efficiency' mode. 

#hyperlocal BestORShowever #notallfunandgames – O.R.D. - OutsideBestOfShow #ProjectOR Bucking the economic Trend #consolidation #rebooting Lots of Newness #allstarjam Making Things In America #novelconcept Eco-Index rising, Influencers/Thought Leaders/Top Talent #showgoeson After Hours, Sierra Nevada beer, 'Granola Disneyland', belly laughing,, SLC tight fit, SLC hospitality, OPE Photo Expo, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Living Roadshow, … Read more ›

Community Zones at Summer OR; the ‘welcome center’ for pros in Paddle, Running, Climbing, Design and Travel

I've been camping on this video for some time now (well about 10 months), and I've managed to get over the goofiness Michael exudes (certainly NOT moi, merci!)… also, I've made an even worse one recently, so suddenly this one doesn't seem nearly as bad anymore.  It's a good expose on the various community Zones at the OR Show, what the purpose is (never mind the beer) and it's got a few tech tips too for attendees.

In case our ramblings aren't super clear, here's a short list to prep for the show;

1) download a QR reader BEFORE you hit … Read more ›

The Floorplan… Deliberate Design or Mishmosh?

OK so this is what blogging is for… to shed light on previously taboo or complex topics and engage an audience in a group dialogue, to uncover new ideas and otherwise improve transparency, effectiveness and connectivity within a group.  No other subject is as contentious or crucial to the OR experience than the layout of the show floor.  So… let's have at it, shall we?  Chime in whenever, however, but please be respectful…

The description of how the process works was published in the last OR Daily round (day 3), at Winter Market 2011, and you can check that out … Read more ›