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Summer 12 coverage

Some interesting links following the Summer Market 2012 show in SLC. The best attended and largest OR show to date. This will be updated and enlarged as more content flows from the industry…


SNEWS take on the political tussle over public lands and the implication for OR

Gear Junkie 'Gear of the Show' awards – there was no shortage of truly innovative products at Summer OR.

AUG 9 UPDATE – This interesting article is well written, however our current contractwith SLC is through 2014 (not 2013 as is stated twice in the article).

Live … Read more ›

Burton, Billabong and the rise of ‘action sports’ at OR

Burton, Billabong and the rise of 'action sports' at OR


This is a topic that could use some airing out, and the time is right with the recent announcement that Burton has joined the show with a sizeable presence.  There seems to be a prevailing impression that OR has  been the windfall recipient of dozens of brands whom, when ASR went dormant, suddenly found themselves with nothing to do in January and August and in need of a trade show to spend their lonely marketing dollars.   Absurd?  The launch of a new fashion show in L.A. (Santa Monica) that parallels the Agenda format indicates more than one person thinks there is a void to … Read more ›

UPDATED Aftermath Summer OR 2011 & Review Link lineup

How about just a stream of consciousness phrase-fest of bytes I heard while in SLC this past week?  That's about all my addled brain can put forth at the moment, and I'll follow with links that can tell the story more in-depth.  Guess I'm still in 'space-efficiency' mode. 

#hyperlocal BestORShowever #notallfunandgames – O.R.D. - OutsideBestOfShow #ProjectOR Bucking the economic Trend #consolidation #rebooting Lots of Newness #allstarjam Making Things In America #novelconcept Eco-Index rising, Influencers/Thought Leaders/Top Talent #showgoeson After Hours, Sierra Nevada beer, 'Granola Disneyland', belly laughing,, SLC tight fit, SLC hospitality, OPE Photo Expo, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Living Roadshow, … Read more ›

Community Zones at Summer OR; the ‘welcome center’ for pros in Paddle, Running, Climbing, Design and Travel

I've been camping on this video for some time now (well about 10 months), and I've managed to get over the goofiness Michael exudes (certainly NOT moi, merci!)… also, I've made an even worse one recently, so suddenly this one doesn't seem nearly as bad anymore.  It's a good expose on the various community Zones at the OR Show, what the purpose is (never mind the beer) and it's got a few tech tips too for attendees.

In case our ramblings aren't super clear, here's a short list to prep for the show;

1) download a QR reader BEFORE you hit … Read more ›

Rebuilding the ‘Mexican Riviera’ in Sayulita

Rebuilding the ‘Mexican Riviera’ in Sayulita

PROLOGUE: Sayulita is a quaint fishing/surfing village located 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It lies in the state of Nayarit and is part of the 'Mexican Riviera' (a Mexican government initiative aptly named to attract more tourists to this part of the country). Many local shops and restaurants are scattered about the tiny town of cobblestone streets, casitas and bungalows. This little hippie village has become my home-away-from home and you need to experience it for yourself one day…

Rebuilding the ‘Mexican Riviera’ by Ginger Conrad, Outdoor Retailer Marketing Manager, Oct 1, 2010

Sayulita Beach Clean Up! 001

(image: let's get 'er done!)Read more ›

And the Show goes on

And the Show goes on

Well the whirlwind of the OR Summer show 2010 has subsided, except for those of you road-tripping on to points N/S/E/W.  I didn't find any road trippers from the South, but certainly from every other direction and I bet there were a few willing to take highway and byway to SLC last week.
I know it's important to say, so I'll say it now that attendance at the show was up in all measured categories of buyers, stores, exhibitors, media, advocacy groups and overall attendance.  This bucks the trend in the trade show industry for sure… But is that really … Read more ›

GUEST BLOG: Flying low to Outdoor Retailer – Motorcycling to the Show – Day 3

Day 3–July 31, 2010
240 miles – Arco, ID to Salt Lake City, UT

It's three in the morning. I am sitting on a concrete step outside the room of a motel that could have been in the movie "No Country for Old Men." The thunder woke me up. I moved outside to see the lightening now tearing across the sky every five seconds in long white branches. It's a huge storm. The wind is rising and now pushing over the small poplar trees across the parking lot. Thunder is continuous, rolling in like an artillery barrage on a nearby … Read more ›

GUEST BLOG #4 – Southbound off the Interstate to OR

GUEST BLOG #4 - Southbound off the Interstate to OR

"Thanks to the Interstate Highway system, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything." – Charles Kuralt.

American paddler gothic 

Every two or three years I like to drive the 1305 miles from my home in Wisconsin to Outdoor Retailer. I haven't taken the long Ribbon of Boredom (a.k.a. Interstate 80) for years.

Son 1.0 is 17, and this is probably the last summer I'll have him at home.  We did the Epic Guy Trip five years ago, and it was time for another.  Instead of taking the northern route, we decided to go Read more ›

GUEST BLOG #3 – Flying Low to Outdoor Retailer

GUEST BLOG #3 - Flying Low to Outdoor Retailer

Day 1–July 29, 2010

421 miles

Burlington, WA to Sandpoint , ID

Yeah, they burn fossil fuelabout as much as a Prius, but unlike that battery-powered soup can, I am outdoors. I can smell it. I get cold, I get wet, I get hot, and sometimes I get scared. The sensations are remakably like the zen of a good climb or a stretch of whitewater paddling.

You have to be in the moment. If you are notyou get dead.

Maybe that’s why the smells are what you rememberthe wet hay, the burnt forest, the Read more ›