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OIA Rendezvous update

The one time a year where we can reform the vision of the industry’s future together…. the OIA Rendezvous (in Boston this year) has a noble purpose, and record attendance despite the hardships of travel and the wacky market swinging going on.  That is how important it is to get our heads out of the day to day and develop a strong future vision!
The twitter posts are starting to go off from the event, and Jon Bowermaster’s presentation last night was a reminder that whether we recreate in it or not, Antarctica is the canary in the coal … Read more ›

post show gear reviews

Here’s a few links to check out the top media responses to gear on the show floor…. this industry is NOT sitting around hoping for a movie or for some other outside influence to continue growing.  It’s cranking with true innovation and synergy with breaking technology and logically tangential product categories.

Outside Magazine
Backpacker Magazine
Backpacking Light

National Outdoors top 10

Inside Outdoor

I’ll add more as I see ‘em.

KH… Read more ›

Trade Show Afterglow

Ah yes it’s that now familiar feeling, that combination of exhaustion, pride, humility, gratitude, concern, puzzlement, and the digesting of hundreds of conversations and a dozen more unfinished.  The obvious ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling of seeing hundreds of new products (and testing a few) in the climbing/paddling/hiking/travelling world of active outdoor products. 
The show was a whirlwind once again; the quantity and quality of feedback and idea-sharing that happens there among the leaders in our industry takes a while to take in and act on.  Follow up conversations are planted like a field of corn, germinating now and … Read more ›

Testament to one fine industry

This one hits the Steve and Barry’s nail on the head.  It’s not about price!

It’s also not about cost.

Who cares if you rocket to nine figures only to drop it all along with your precious brand reputation? 

This is One hell of a testament to an industry with heart and soul.  Jim Whittaker has a daunting task ahead….

KH… Read more ›

Ultimate Pike Tacklebox

From Outdoor Canada: 

No aspect of fishing has changed more over the past two
decades than our understanding of pike. Indeed, if we had written about
equipping ourselves for big northerns just 20 years ago, our ultimate tacklebox
would have been small, the offerings skimpy and the techniques few. But as our
knowledge of pike behaviour has expanded, so too has the range of tackle needed
to catch these toothy critters—as the following roundup of the top lures and
tactics reveals.

Check out the ultimate tacklebox right here.… Read more ›

Kayak Fishing

A relatively new sport has been steadily gaining popularity in the
outdoor community in the past few years: kayak fishing. The combination of these two sports appeals to anglers for several reasons: added stealth, maneuverability,
and adventure!

Kayak Fishing 101 is a great introduction to the sport.

For the more experienced kayak fishers out there, this is a website “dedicated to the art of kayak fishing”.

This blog is full of personal stories, tips, and news for kayak fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Is kayak fishing a trend, or is it here to stay? What do you
think?… Read more ›