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The Floorplan… Deliberate Design or Mishmosh?

OK so this is what blogging is for… to shed light on previously taboo or complex topics and engage an audience in a group dialogue, to uncover new ideas and otherwise improve transparency, effectiveness and connectivity within a group.  No other subject is as contentious or crucial to the OR experience than the layout of the show floor.  So… let's have at it, shall we?  Chime in whenever, however, but please be respectful…

The description of how the process works was published in the last OR Daily round (day 3), at Winter Market 2011, and you can check that out … Read more ›

National Bike Month – May, and Bike-to-Work Week 5/16-20

National Bike Month - May, and Bike-to-Work Week 5/16-20

PIC-0398 So I'm not exactly the most dedicated bike commuter on the planet, but I have an incredible ride into work that puts me on a ridge trail that overlooks the beautiful Capistrano Valley and the Pacific Ocean.   Being that this is National Bike Month, and that the OR show celebrates the cycling scene as part of the greater outdoor recreation world, I want to encourage myself (and you all) to take advantage of the tailwind and, as Freddie Mercury so wisely screamed into his microphone 20 years ago, 'Get On Your Bikes and RIDE!'

I'll be working the Bike-to-Work Week … Read more ›

SXSW and the future of events

UPDATE 4-19 – Here is an article that has some concrete takeaways from the SXSW experience… and yes SXSW was, as all good events need to be, an Experience.

and another review of the SXSW event.


(original article below)

With Coachella staging now in SoCal, and South By Southwest (SXSW) just concluded in Austin, TX, the question lingers 'what are these events about?' and 'why do they draw so powerfully from the consumer base? 

Both events draw hundreds of thousands of people and major attention over the web as well, with live streaming content in the … Read more ›

UPDATED 2/8 Linkfest featuring in-depth coverage of the OR Winter ’11

 Well you can google search the crap out of 'Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011' or you can peruse the following links to see what influencers are saying about the show… there's a lot, and there could be more if you post up a reply with your favorite review on the hottest topic of the season, Outdoor Retailer (if I say so myself).  Dig in! 

Link to OR Show Dailies hot off the digi-press! 

These are great gear and show reviews from across the landscape of media verts, from core product junkies to the action sports edge. more ›

Handy Links you need for OR Winter Market 2011

Here is just one more place to easily find the links you need for the show that is upon us!

Mobile App download

Event Schedule at show

Special 'Adventure Theater' schedule at show

OR Rocks Art/Music/Culture in and around the show (Incl. the Industry All Star Jam!)

OR Hub digital enhancement for show planning and efficient follow-through (free!)

New Product Showcase - see some of the hot new products launching at show




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Winter Market rising…

Winter Market rising...

I just finished reading 'Crowdsourcing' by Jeff Howe.  It definitely has me thinking about how it applies to the show environment, since our industry gathering is a worthy crowd, by any measure.  When it comes to like-minded passionate enthusiasts for the winter wilderness, there ain't no crowd like ours.

 One thing I'm strongly considering is displaying a special snowmobile in the Backcountry Village area of the show… if you aren't familiar with that zone, it's where nearly all the cool winter hardgoods (skis, split boards, bindings, avy beacons, nordic, etc…) are shown.   I know it's controversial, but I also know that … Read more ›

Virtual Design Center – Reloaded

What is a Virtual Event?  Is it, like, a tweetup, or a meetup, a mashup or a web conference, or what?  Can it be helpful to my business or just another distraction from my core business?


One Day – December 7, 2010 for Live Cast

15 key brands supporting from OIA Eco-Index and Polartec to Bluesign Technologies and AAPN

90 days online and available in archive form

The OR Virtual Design Center focuses on education and latest material developments behind the branded products that are the focus of Outdoor Retailer shows.  This is a fast-moving and changing landscape (seen the price … Read more ›

Rebuilding the ‘Mexican Riviera’ in Sayulita

Rebuilding the ‘Mexican Riviera’ in Sayulita

PROLOGUE: Sayulita is a quaint fishing/surfing village located 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It lies in the state of Nayarit and is part of the 'Mexican Riviera' (a Mexican government initiative aptly named to attract more tourists to this part of the country). Many local shops and restaurants are scattered about the tiny town of cobblestone streets, casitas and bungalows. This little hippie village has become my home-away-from home and you need to experience it for yourself one day…

Rebuilding the ‘Mexican Riviera’ by Ginger Conrad, Outdoor Retailer Marketing Manager, Oct 1, 2010

Sayulita Beach Clean Up! 001

(image: let's get 'er done!)Read more ›

And the Show goes on

And the Show goes on

Well the whirlwind of the OR Summer show 2010 has subsided, except for those of you road-tripping on to points N/S/E/W.  I didn't find any road trippers from the South, but certainly from every other direction and I bet there were a few willing to take highway and byway to SLC last week.
I know it's important to say, so I'll say it now that attendance at the show was up in all measured categories of buyers, stores, exhibitors, media, advocacy groups and overall attendance.  This bucks the trend in the trade show industry for sure… But is that really … Read more ›