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Peter Devin

Sadly this past weekend our former show director of OR Peter Devin passed away. Many of you knew and respected Peter, as he was truly one of the nicest men ever, and was always positive and uplifting. The final adventure of his was his challenge with ALS, and it is truly amazing how he and his family stepped up to the challenge and shared and inspired so many (like me) during an epic situation that showed the very best of family, community and people. If you knew Peter or are just interested, visit his site . We’ll miss you Peter, but your spirit will live on in our memories and shared stories of good times.


  1. Peter Devin seems to have been an inspiration to many. The blog says a lot about the man and his family. My thoughts go out to his family for a life taken too soon.

  2. Peter had a wonderful dual personality, that allowed him to properly direct a huge show – as well as have a good time with the exhibitors and attendees. I will always remember having adult beverages with him during the outdoor concerts!

    Good memories.

    He will certainly be missed.

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